¿Cómo llego a mi peso saludable?

How do I get to my healthy weight?

An Intelligent and FULL OF LIFE Option! 

A balanced diet, flavored with TEJOCOTE

Having a healthy weight is no longer just a matter of vanity. It is also a matter of health since being at a healthy weight is a very effective way of saying goodbye to a series of diseases that are very dangerous, in short, guaranteeing a long and full life . So: IT'S WORTH LOOKING FOR A HEALTHY WEIGHT!

The way to know if you are at a healthy weight is to use the scale, the tape measure to measure the length of your abdomen and, of course, also calculate your Index of body mass. And it is that, to reach a healthy weight is something simpler than you could imagine. You just need to follow these four steps. But before making them known, we want to remind you that with a healthy weight you will not only be beautiful but you will live longer. And now yes, let's go to the steps:

  1. Healthy habits.
  2. Balanced diet.
  3. Regular physical activity.
  4. Consume Optimus Weight.

It's important to remember that one way to apply the first two steps is by learning a better way to eat. And that this route is more effective than the misunderstood diets. The latter (the diets) should only be used in very specific cases. In addition to the fact that, as they do not modify eating habits, their results only last as long as that dietary regimen is followed. And when returning to previous habits, the person not only regains the previous weight but can sometimes double it or its volume would increase exponentially (known as rebound). On the other hand, learning a better way of eating is much better, since its results last longer and, mainly, the rebound ends.

And to complement the above, comes a way to facilitate your arrival at a healthy weight. This comes in the form of hawthorn seed: Optimus Weight. And how does tejocote seed help me to have a healthy weight? It turns out that tejocote seed has the property of helping you lose weight. But not only that, Optimus Weight and hawthorn seed have the ability to help people with kidney problems. Its properties have even been studied and endorsed by the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Nothing like a little help to reach that healthy weight you want so much. Let the tejocote seed help you to be beautiful and healthy.


Obesity and disease: The WORST COMBINATION!

Did you know that obesity is responsible for 28 thousand deaths in the adult population in the United States? So having a healthy weight is not just a matter of vanity, it's a matter of preservation. And we are not exaggerating, if you are not at a healthy weight you are putting your life at risk. Still don't believe it? Let us show you some of the ills you can suffer from:

  • Hypertension.
  • Heart diseases.
  • Type 2 diabetes.
  • Strokes.
  • Sleep apnea.

That doesn't sound appealing, right? Then you know what you have to do. If you are not yet at a healthy weight... HURRY UP! And if you're already there... STAY! Give yourself the opportunity to experience the power of the tejocote seed.


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